Dragon Graphics goes live

After months of finishing touches/procrastination, my redesign has finally been pushed out into the world to fend for itself!

This site is the result of a fair bit of work, not all from myself. Thanks goes out to Andrea Philippou for designing the site's beautiful logo, Ed Richards for knocking up some great base designs on which the rest of the site has been built, and Owain Llewellyn for filling in the gaps in my design knowledge when required. A massive thanks to all of you guys.

For those of you wondering who I am, check out the brief history of me. For those who don't have the time/inclination, I specialise in front-end web technologies, but my passion is all things web, and so posts will be about anything that interests me enough to write about it. I'm also hoping to open up a labs section of the site in the not-too-distant future, which will have more hands-on code experiments - everything from simpler CSS3 demos, to more in-depth canvas and WebGL examples.

It would be great to hear what people think of the site - positive or negative - so please do get in touch in the comments or on Twitter.