Front-End Tooling Survey – 2016

TL;DR: If you can spare a few minutes of your time to fill out the 2016 Front-End Tooling Survey, I would massively appreciate it.

> Fill out the Survey Now

After an incredible response to the Front-End Tooling Survey I ran last year – a fantastic 2028 responses – I thought it would be interesting to repeat the survey a year on to find out how our tooling has moved on (or perhaps hasn’t in some cases).

The focus of the survey is the same as last year; To find out more details about the tools front-end developers are currently using in their own workflows. It’s all too easy to take for granted what people are using based on your own knowledge and this survey gives an insight into the current trends in front-end tooling from a broader perspective.

Once you have taken the time to fill in the survey yourself, it would be a massive help if you could also share it with other front-end developers that you know – quite simply, the more respondents the survey has, the more representative the results will be.

I’m aiming to run the survey for up to a month, after which I’ll write up the results right here on my blog. Keep an eye on my Twitter ramblings for the link to this when it’s published.

So what are you waiting for?! Fill in the Survey right now!

N.b. Thanks to Hugo Giraudel, Zander Martineau and Damian Mullins for looking over the survey beforehand and providing feedback.