BBC GoodFood - The last year of my life

Today, after more than a year on the project, the redesigned BBC Good Food website has gone live.

The old website, like many BBC brands, was very well loved, but it was definitely starting to look it's age in terms of it's design and maintainability. The GF team would like to think we've managed to design a site that is both great to look at while retaining what made people love using the original site.

The new site is also fully responsive, which is crucial going forward for the business with roughly half of the site's traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices. Using the site on a phone or tablet should feel as easy as using it on a laptop or desktop.

The back-end of the site is powered by Drupal, and a big thanks to the back-end guys and themers who have done a great job making such a large scale build a reality using the platform.

Leading the front-end side of the project since it kicked off last year, I've learned a hell of a lot from working on such a large scale project - I'll be writing some more specific articles around some of these topics in the coming weeks and will be talking more about the project at events later in the year as well.

Although this week is my last week working directly on the project, the GF team will still be working on improving the site over the coming months and rolling out features that we didn't have chance to fit in before pushing the site live; if you have any feedback on any area of the site, check out the surveys on the website where you can let us know what you think of the site. If it's something more dev specific, let me know what you think on twitter - always really valuable to hear opinions whether positive or negative.