Announcing the Front-End Tooling Survey 2019

TL;DR: Please take part in this years survey – every response is massively appreciated!

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The Front-End Tooling Survey is back to shed some light on our tooling habits across the web development industry.

Last year, 5,461 front-end developers took the time to answer 24 questions on a variety of front-end tools.

Back in the 2018 results, React and Vue knowledge was rapidly increasing, with completely new tools such as CSS-in-JS gaining momentum. Sass, Jest and Webpack solidified their reputations as tools that the majority of front-end developers now turn to on projects.

So, are there any new tools gaining traction in 2019? Or are the tools that we already know and love simply getting more popular?

I can't wait to see how developers tooling habits are changing (or not as the case may be)!

What’s new?

While trying to keep the survey succinct, we’ve added a couple of new questions after considering feedback from respondents last year.

With the rise of CSS-in-JS tools — as shown in the 2018 results — this year’s survey now has a question specifically related to this category of tools.

In addition, there are new questions aimed at discovering which performance and accessibility tools and features are currently being used by developers.

After a number of requests last year, I’ll also be releasing a collated (anonymised) dataset of the survey responses. This will include the response data from the previous three surveys as well.

Take part!

So that’s enough from me — go ahead and take this year’s survey!

Every response is hugely appreciated. With that in mind please share the survey with any other front-end developers you know or work with – the more responses the survey has, the more representative the results will be.

The survey will close at the end of April, with the results written up shortly after. If you’d like to know when this happens, follow me on Twitter or leave your email at the end of the survey. You’ll then receive a link to the results articles once they are published.

So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and fill in the survey now!

N.b. This survey is a labour of love and published for free, which is made possible due to support from Wes Bos.

Wes runs some awesome courses, which – having taken a number of them myself – I can highly recommend.

Check out his courses.